HELD 14TH SEPTEMBER, 2020 at 7.30pm via Zoom


PRESENT: Chairman: Mr C. Alden (CA) Mr T. Clark (TC)

Mrs R. Danton (RD) Mr D. Hyde (DH)

Mrs J. Ursell (JU)


1.Welcome: The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting which, in line with

government guidelines during the Coronavirus pandemic, was held virtually.


  1. Apologies: Mrs J. Weyman (JW)


  1. Approval of Minutes: Minutes from the previous meeting on 1st June were



  1. Matters Arising:


  1. Emails or comments from resident:
  • The suggestion from a resident to enlist the Royal Oak to the Register of Assets of Community Value was discussed. Councillors acknowledged the need to support the pub in these particularly challenging times for hospitality and considered that this action at the present time could potentially limit the options for its survival as a business proposition. 
  • Unanimous vote – no immediate action. Councillors agreed to investigate the practicalities and timings involved with application for the register to inform future decisions.


  1. Website Issues:
  • DH explained that he has now moved the website to WordPress allowing for better accessibility compliance (users can change options such as contrast, text size etc) and more pages to enable an Accessibility Statement. DH confirmed the Accessibility Statement will be added by the deadline of 23.09.20. 


  1. Clerks Financial Report: Balances as at 14th September 2020:
  • Current account: £542.04 
  • Earmarked Reserve Account £6909.90
  • Change of signatory – RD now has the info and will progress with the bank.
  • Transactions since last meeting: Insurance £349.22, mower £141.51 & drive belt £46.64, Wicksteed accompanied inspection £103.20
  • Payments for which approval sought: 
  • Barrier tape for playground £13.00 cheque needed for RD
  • Clerk’s expenses June-Sept: 50% broadband fee 4 months @ £20 = £80


  1. Planning:
  • 2 Farm Lane – erection of double garage, was refused by CDC Conservation Officer. Appeal has been submitted. Decision awaited.
  • 2 Farm Lane – crown reduction of Sycamore. Has been approved.
  • 26 The Street – Silver birch height reduction. Has been approved.


  1. Playing Field:
  • Councillors acknowledge the hard work of Deborah Hampton and Pete Mustoe. 
  • Wicksteed Inspection points – CA explained key elements for repair – rubdown and paint, gate closure, benches, rubber matting under swings, landing area under climbing frame.
  • Agreed that most pressing requirements can be organised by PC and willing villagers. CA will organise a work party with assistance from TC.
  • Councillors agreed to reassess post-community work and winter period to decide if further work required/new equipment.
  • CA reported signage required in the  park for emergency procedures and directions. RD agreed to use Wicksteed report to produce updated/renew signage to fulfil requirements. 


  1. Roads, flytipping, bad weather,info for snow form received 4.6.20 from Highways, Village Emergency Plan: 
  • JU reported that potholes in Whitewater Lane have been promptly repaired after reporting. 
  • JU has reported the rusted sign on the corner of the pub has been reported and has a case. The sign has yet to be repaired. 
  • Noted upcoming closure of Whitewater Lane 6/7 October 2020.
  • CA noted that fly tipping that he reported on the corner of Bath Road was removed promptly.
  • CA is progressing Winter Plan and will also work on the Emergency plan. RD has the hardcopy of the Emergency Plan and JU offered to digitise and update old contact details with current.


  1. AOB: Nothing reported.


  1. Date of next meeting:
  • December 7th 2020. 1930 at Leighterton School unless CV19 restrictions dictate otherwise


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