Boxwell with Leighterton Parish Council Meeting

13th December 2021

Leighterton School


Councillors –

C. Alden  Chairman                 

D. Hyde Vice Chairman                        

R. Danton

T. Clark


A. Sibley – Clerk



The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming all attendees.  The Chairman encouraged social distancing for the meeting today in line with the current Covid guidelines. 


The Chairman announced that the current clerk will be standing down due to work commitments and thanked A.Sibley for his contributions. An advertisement for a new full time Clerk will be placed in January 2022. 


The PC will also be actively looking for two additional Parish Council members.



No apologies sent for the meeting


Approval of Minutes & Matters Rising

The Chairman approved the minutes from the last meeting.

Discussions were had around the banking mandate for the Parish Council. Further discussions will be had in the new year between the signatories- RD, JU and CA.


CA has applied for The Royal Oak pub to be placed on the community assets register. This has now been submitted to CDC for approval. 


DH has now renewed the website hosting plan. This will be reviewed during the year with the aim of finding a more cost effective option.


Emails or Comments from Residents

No correspondence received.


Clerk’s Financial Report

  • As of the 23rd September 2021
  • Treasurers account balance – £1,642.93
  • Earmarked reserved fund balance – £6,910.60
  • Money in – £286.00 (Cotswold DC)
  • Money out – £227.04

Transactions since last meeting

  • Expenses payment to A. Sibley – £60.00
  • Payment to D. Hyde for school rental Sept 2021 mtg – £20.00
  • Payment to D. Hyde for broadband hosting – £127.04
  • Payment to D.Hyde for school room rental Dec 2021 mtg- £20.00


Update on collapsed wall in the village    

The PC sends their thanks to Paul Mustoe for the rebuild of the wall at the playground and to the Clark family for their ongoing support.


Funding for the wall rebuild has come in part from a donation from Jill Matthew at CDC and the PC understands there may also be a contribution from Frankie Gale following the successful village Christmas Fayre. All donations have been gratefully received and the PC sends their thanks to all contributors.          


Planning Applications

There were no concerns raised by the PC in regard to current planning applications



Repairs have been made to pot holes in the village and anybody identifying new damage requiring attention is encouraged to register the detail online via the online service:


Next Parish Council meeting – 7th February 2022 at 19:30hrs


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