As a community we have the opportunity to pull together a vision of how we would like our parish and village to develop over the next 5 – 10 years. The resultant document can then be lodged with the District Council as a ‘Parish Plan. By doing this we will oblige the District Council to take our views into consideration and explain any decisions they take that are contrary to the vision we have laid out.

Many other parishes across the Cotswolds and the rest of England have completed their own Parish Plan and the feedback both from residents and the District Councils has been very positive. It’s a real chance to work together to develop and then document our hopes for the future of Boxwell with Leighterton.

An initial meeting to provide and explanation for a Parish Plan was held at 1900 on 17th October in St Andrew’s Church, Leighterton. It was well attended by 34 residents.

As discussed in that meeting here are examples of other Parish Plans:


Please use the email address: for any questions and suggestions for the questionnaire.

A follow-up meeting is to be held on 1st November at 1900 in the church.


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