MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 8th February, 2021 at 7.30pm via Zoom


PRESENT: Chairman: Mr C. Alden (CA)      Mr T. Clark (TC)      

                     Mr D. Hyde (DH)                         Mrs J. Ursell (JU)

                     Clerk: Mrs J. Weyman (JW)                    

                     Residents: Mr A. Sibley (AS) & Ms J. Skillen (JS)


1.Welcome: In line with government guidelines during the Coronvirus pandemic, the meeting was held virtually. The Chairman welcomed everybody, including AS and JS, requesting that they remain muted during the body of the meeting and save any comments, questions etc to the AOB section near the end of the meeting. 

  1. Apologies: Mrs R. Danton.
  2. Approval of Minutes & Matters Arising: The Chairman approved the Minutes of the previous meeting on 7th December. There were no Matters Arising which wouldn’t be covered under other Agenda items.
  3. 4. Emails or comments from residents: none received since previous meeting.
  4. Clerk’s Financial Report: Balances as at 7.2.21:
  5. Bank balances: Current Account £1,070.90, Earmarked Reserve Fund £6,910.14
  6. Transactions since last meeting:

Received: 24p interest

       Paid out: £13.00 barrier tape for playground, £60.00 Clerk’s expenses Oct-Dec.

  1. Payments approved: Clerk’s expenses Jan-Feb: 50% of broadband fee 2 months @ £20.00 = £40.00
  2. Items due for payment possibly before next meeting: GAPTC subs due May – last year £71 paid on 15.5.20.
  3. Internet banking: CA not yet set up, however change of address has been actioned as December statement received at JW’s address.
  4. CIL: Payments of £106.20 & £477.90 received in April and October respectively. Any unspent within 5 years has to be returned, first report due April 2021.  JW to investigate report details & if any way of estimating likely future receipts.
  5. Replacement Clerk: (Clerk had emailed councillors prior to the meeting indicating her regret at needing to step down so soon due to family move being brought forward by the pandemic).

CA has started asking around and is in discussion with an interested party.

DH to advertise position on website, Twitter and Facebook, JW on noticeboards.

JW to check with GAPTC situation if likely to be a period with no clerk.


Minutes of meeting 7.12.20 continued.  Page 2 of 3


  1. 20mph speed limit: Clerk had circulated emailed letter received 6.1.21 from Dr Paul Morrish regarding possible grouping of 4 neighbouring villages to share cost

(likely £10,000) of applying for implementation of reduced limit.

Discussion concluded that, whilst desirable, all felt expenditure on playground would take priority but the consultation process (with the local population and Glos Police) would be interesting.

JW to try and ascertain how far we could get without committing to expenditure and check if PM has contacted Willesley or Westonbirt PCs (see on street parking below).


  1. Website issues: Following discussion at last meeting regarding whether the many possibilities for additional features etc would be worthwhile, DH reported that Google Analytics shows that traffic is very light.  All agreed that whilst there is much that could be done to make the website more useful and relevant, it is therefore not worth doing at the moment.


  1. Planning:
  2. Erection of a new barn at Church Farm – currently being processed.
  3. Grange Barn – erection of double garage. Appeal overturned the original decision, so it can now go ahead.


  1. Playing field & equipment: CA recently met with 3 members of the Amenities Committee and 3 families from the village who are interested in helping update the park. Progress will be reported at next meeting by which time hopefully the end of lockdown and better weather will provide a natural impetus.


  1. Roads & flytipping & VEP:
  2. Potholes: JU has reported Whitewater Lane yet again & indicated that, as some are probably deeper than 75mm, they will be classed as “dangerous” & therefore treated as an emergency. So she will chase up if no action in 2 weeks.

JU has sent details of reporting procedure for inclusion in the next “Leighterton News” & DH has published on Facebook & Twitter.  JW to add to noticeboard.

All expressed thanks to TC for clearing the drain to field near Bennett’s Farm.

  1. Flytipping: JU plans to do similar ad for reporting in subsequent newsletter.

CA has reported mattresses in layby between the turnings off the A46.

  1. Roadsweeping: JU to contact Glos Highways in first instance to try and ascertain whether this is on a rota or we have to request it.
  2. Village Emergency Plan: JU is happy to take the lead on this with CA assisting. She is making progress with updating it, having now spoken to those listed who are still in the village, the school and the church who are being very helpful.  JU & CA will continue working on it and then put out a call for volunteers for remaining roles etc.

Holdall containing items purchased with 2012 funding (tape, hi viz jackets, foil blankets etc): JW to drop it round to JU.


  1. AOB: A) On street parking: All agreed this has been less of a problem recently but probably only due to lockdown, time of year etc. CA had recently met Geoffrey Clifton-Brown alongwith a representative from The Hare and Hounds, Willesley and Westonbirt PCs.  Willesley has found that cones and “Residents’ Parking only” signs have made little difference and there have been many examples in both villages of dangerous parking, families crossing the main road with little thought to safety and visitors walking across private gardens etc. 

GCB is in discussion with Glos Highways regarding possibility of reducing the speed limit so that it is consistent rather than the current 7 changes and, at the same time, possibly initiate no parking areas, at least on the main road.

CA believes that parking in the villages will be an ongoing problem & it is likely to get busier as lockdown eases/vaccine rolls out, weather improves etc.

CA to draft ad for social media, website & noticeboards asking Leighterton residents for their suggestions

B) CA asked the guests for any comments: both had found the meeting informative. JS suggested opening a car park in Leighterton which could raise funds.  TC & CA explained there are insurance issues with the school car park and all land not built on is either council or privately owned but urged her to  get in touch with any other ideas.


  1. Date of next meeting: AGM will be Monday 10th May, 2021 at 7.30pm at Leighterton Primary School, unless CV19 restrictions dictate otherwise. 

All welcome.

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