MEETING 13th SEPTEMBER, 2021, 7.30PM 

Leighterton School

Councillors –

C.Alden Chairman

T. Clark
D. Hyde Vice Chairman

R. Danton
J. Ursell

Clerk – A. Sibley


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting. This was the    first meeting held face to face since the pandemic. He thanked AS for preparing the financial report.



No apologies sent.


Approval of Minutes & Matters Arising.

Approved by the Chairman


RD has raised the question of another Councillor having online signatory responsibilities for the PC financial accounts. There are ongoing issues changing the address for statements from RD address to AS address. JU will look into this with the bank and feed back to the PC. The PC has authorised dual Councillor authorisation to include AS.


Emails or comments from residents. 

No emails have been received from the villagers


Clerk’s Financial Report 

  • As of the 13/09/2021-balance £1,416.93
  • Earmarked reserve fund – £6910.60
  • Money in – £58.50
  • Money out – £989.37


  • Transactions since last meeting


  • INCOME: 
  • 36 pence from interest on account between April-September 2021
  • HMRC VAT refund – £58.50



  • GAPTC annual subscription –                              £71.18
  • Clerks expenses 50% broadband for J. Weyman  £60
  •                                                            A. Sibley    £60
  • Came & Co ( Mower insurance) –                      £150.00
  • Came & Co (Liability insurance)                       £358.20
  • Wicksteed Leisure (park inspection)                    £72.00
  • Clerk laptop                                                         £217.99
  • 13/09/2021 (School rental)                                    £20.00


Village Pub

CA reported that he has been approached to recommend The Royal Oak as a community asset by a number of villagers. The Council unanimously agreed to nominate the pub on the villagers behalf.



Levels of visitor parking in the village seems low at the moment and this will continue to be monitored over the Autumn period.


Poole Farm

There are no updates in relation to the plans for Poole farm. 


Parish Council Future Vision

The expansion of the PC was discussed and any interested parties from the village with an interest are encouraged to get in contact through the Parish Council website


Website issues.

 No issues raised



No objections were raised to current planning applications

Park & play equipment.

Following the good work from the playground volunteers, the park has been brought  up to a satisfactory standard and has passed its annual inspection. 

Amenity Committee finances currently stand at £2,261. 


Roads, flytipping, bad weather, Village Emergency Plan.

 New potholes have been reported near the church and have been reported to the CDC. It has also been noticed that some of the repaired potholes have deteriorated. This situation will continue to be monitored. 

All fly tipping in the area has now been reported.

The village emergency plan remains an ongoing process.



RD raised the issue of an increase in power cuts that had taken place in the village over the last few months. RD will contact Western Power to discuss this and feedback at the next meeting.


Date of next meeting – 6th December 2021


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