Tuesday 3rd May at 7.30pm at Leighterton Primary School



Present:         Colin Alden, (CA)  Chairman

                        Tom Clark (TC)

                        Duncan Hyde    (DH)

                        Jenny Ursell  (JU)

                        Rachel Danton (RD)

                        Felicity White  (FW)


The meeting commenced at 7.30pm.

1          Appointments of the Parish Council

1.1       Appointment of Colin Alden as Chairman, proposed by TC and Seconded by JU.

1.2       Appointment of Duncan H as Vice Chairman, proposed by CA and Seconded by JU.

1.3       Appointment of Felicity White as Parish Clerk, proposed by CA and Seconded by DH.

1.2       A potential new Councillor was unfortunately unable to attend the meeting and so it was proposed that this matter would be handled at the next Parish Council Meeting

1.2.1    The Chairman thanked Rachel Danton for her valuable contribution to the Parish Council over the past 11 years.  JU has been appointed as the Responsible Financial Person having been proposed by CA and Seconded by TC.  RD said that she would be willing to work on banking matters with JU in the near future as part of the financial handover.     Following the departure of RD from the Council, a Stand in Signatory would be required and it was agreed that all Parish Council Members would be appointed signatories, bearing in mind 2 signatures are required for each cheque issued.

1.2.2    An Amenities Committee Chairman was required and it was agreed that JU would co-chair with CA.  New members of the Amenities Committee would be welcome in order to assist with the work required to be undertaken in the village.

1.3       All Councillors approved the model Standing Orders (SOs) in the interim.  The approved SOs appear more appropriate for a much larger Council than Boxwell with Leighterton Parish Council.  FW agreed to review the document and condense it so that Standing Orders would be more appropriate for this Council.

1.4       The PC approved the Amenities Committee as an Executive committee.  It was noted that a framework for this committee to work within was required and will be developed by the Councillors over the next few months. 


The meeting closed at 7.50pm

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